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Automotive Dealer Websites

Our founder spent years in the automotive industry managing some of the largest dealers in Canada.  He has seen and worked with dealer websites from many different suppliers and learned that each have their own strengths and weaknesses.  They key is understanding what is the most important to you as the dealer and then tailoring a solution to meet those needs

One of our specialties is managing the complex CDK platform recommended to Canadian GM dealers.  For those non-GM dealers, if we were to recommend a supplier it would be the Canadian company, FlexDealer. 

We have constructed and customized many websites on the FlexDealer platform and find it to be an excellent combination of effectiveness and flexibility.  Through the combination of services we provide along with our partnership with FlexDealer and our ability to add custom content on their platform, Maxceleration Dealer Services can be your "one stop shop" for all your internet marketing needs.

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