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Why Choose Maxceleration Dealer Services?


Your website is the online version of your physical premises! In today's competitive marketplace it simply cannot be ignored.


You know how important your website is, so you invested in a premium website platform from a major supplier. Now the problem is, how do you make the most of its features and keep it up to date? Hiring an internet manager can be full of questions and problems such as, "Where do I find a good one?", "Can I afford another full time salary?", "How will I train them?, "What about turnover?", "Do they understand auto dealerships?", "Do they know anything about selling in my industry?". That's where we can help.


Our founder began his highly successful automotive career in 1999 and was a sales manager at some of the largest dealerships in Canada. He understands what it takes to be successful in this competitive field and has faced the challenges you face. As an Interactive Marketing Consultant, his portfolio of customers had the highest conversion rates among one of the nation's leading automotive website providers. We understand that you need services to help you stay ahead of your competition regardless of the size of how many staff you employ.


Our founder pioneered a solution for actual vehicle photos for new vehicles at automotive dealerships (as opposed to stock photos).  Being the first in western Canada to provide this improved visitor experience is just one example of his common sense solutions to website challenges.


When CDK bench marked their GM dealer websites, we managed the number 1 converting Canadian GM Dealer website with our combination of Management Services and Custom Forms.

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